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If your loved one is struggling to cope with taking care of themselves or is living with dementia, you’ll understandably need a helping hand. That’s where Eagles Mount Care Home comes in. We’re the finest care Home creekmore has to offer, equipped to provide outstanding care, both regular and dementia. Here at our care home, we have so much to offer, from comfortable accommodation to a full array of facilities. Residents of our care home will want for nothing. 

And because we devise a care plan for each resident of our care home, we make certain that they receive bespoke care that’s tailored to their needs. Whether a person simply needs a little help with daily activities or is in the advanced stages of dementia, they’ll be well looked after here at Eagles Mount Care Home. If you would like to make enquiries, contact our care home today on 01202 671 111

A Care Home Creekmore Residents Can Trust 

We recognise that for elderly people, moving into a care home is often a less than pleasant experience. This is not necessarily because of the care home itself, but more because of the upheaval in the individual’s life. It is mainly because it often means leaving behind a home that they’ve lived in for many, many years. Here at Eagles Mount Care Home, we do our utmost to make every new resident of our care home feel welcome, safe, and relaxed. 

Our goal is to alleviate any anxieties so that the individual can transition quickly into their new home. We’ve built our care home on a foundation of excellence and remain committed to providing each resident with whatever they need, so they’ll want for nothing. The health of our residents is our primary focus, and we ensure that each resident receives the best standard of care possible. 

As one of the finest care homes in Creekmore, residents can trust us, and so too can family members.  

About Our Creekmoor Care Home Services 

Here at Eagles Mount Care Home, we’ve made certain that residents will have everything they could possibly need while living in our care home Creekmoor. Everyone needs a comfortable bed to sleep in at night and, here at our care home, that’s precisely what we provide. You can find more about our fantastic accommodation below. Of course, residents wish to more than just sleep, and, like many homes, we’re equipped to offer an outstanding array of activities. 

But that’s not all; our care home in Creekmore is also equipped to provide a wide range of facilities, so residents will always be well taken care of at our home. Speaking of home, what makes us the finest care homes in Creekmore is our ability to tailor the care we offer to each individual resident. Arguably our main core service is the care plan – each one is different and devised in tandem with medical professionals as well as the family and the resident to provide the right level of care. 

If you would like to learn more about the bespoke care we offer, call Eagles Mount Care Home today. If you would like to hear more about our accommodation, facilities, and activities, keep reading. 



When it comes to our care home Creekmoor, there’s one thing that we take immense pride in above all else, and that’s the superb standard of our accommodation. We want each resident to feel like they are at home and not just transitioning, and so we ensure the accommodation of our care home meets the highest standard. Not only is it fully furnished, but it’s spacious, airy, and fitted with a comfortable bed, quality furniture and modern equipment.  

Here at Eagles Mount Care Home, we also ensure that each resident receives the level of care they require. So, each room can also accommodate specialist equipment, such as hoists and mobility aids, whenever required. There’s so much more to talk about but rest assured that our accommodation won’t disappoint. What more would expect from one of the most outstanding care homes Creekmore has to offer? 

Our Care Home Creekmoor Rooms 

The rooms inside Eagles Mount Care Home are simply top-notch and have been created with the well-being of our residents in mind. Our care home in Creekmoor should be viewed as a permanent home, and so it’s important to us that our residents feel that way. By feeling at home, this helps to relieve anxiety and make the individual feel relaxed and at peace. It all starts with the rooms, and you’ll find these to be both airy and spacious. 

Each room at our care home comes with a comfortable bed and is fully furnished and equipped with modern equipment. Of course, we encourage residents to personalise the room any way they see fit. Prior to arrival at our care home, residents will be offered the choice of having the walls re-painted in their chosen colour. We can also remove any furniture or other items to make way for any possessions the resident would like to bring with them to our care home. 

Simply let us know in advance so that we can remove the unwanted items. Residents can bring whatever they like, from a favourite armchair or table stand to treasured photos and other mementoes. 

Those with acute dementia are assigned to our dementia level. These specialist dementia floors are a secure area of our care home and come with features intended to assist those with dementia and other memory-related issues. The bedrooms sport brightly coloured doors, displaying the resident’s name. Often, anxiety arises in those with dementia as the result of confusion. These visual cues trigger recognition, minimising confusion and anxiety and promoting independence. 

All the rooms at Eagles Mount Care Home are kept clean and maintained by our staff. If residents would like to keep their own room clean, they are more than welcome to do so.  

Communal Areas 

The social element is very important to us here at Eagles Mount Care Home. Residents don’t wish to remain couped up in their rooms all the time, which is why our care home features a choice of communal areas for our residents to relax in and socialise. Indoors we have communal lounge and dining areas. The lounge is a great place for residents to gather to have a chat, either with each other or our team members.  

Residents of our care home can also watch TV or partake in many of our regularly scheduled activities. There’s also a drink and snacks station here that residents are welcome to use whenever they like. The dining room in our care home is, of course, a place for residents to enjoy their meals, catered for by our skilled chef.  

Outside our care home, there’s a beautifully tended garden to discover. This safe and secure little oasis will provide a much-needed sanctuary of peace for our residents, a place where they can grab some fresh air, enjoy the sun, and even do a spot of reading. 


At Eagles Mount Care Home, we want to ensure that our residents have everything they could possibly need. We’re one of the best homes when it comes to the facilities we provide, from access to medical and spiritual services to catering. Just some of the facilities provided at our care home include: 

  • Chiropodist 
  • Optician 
  • Doctors and Dentists 
  • Chaplin and Church Service 
  • Beautician 

You can find out more about our facilities below or by calling Eagles Mount Care Home. Once you’ve had the opportunity to read about what we have to offer at our care home, it should be obvious that we’re able to meet the high standards of care expected of us. 


Laundry is one of the most basic functions necessary for ensuring that each resident has clean clothes and bedding. At Eagles Mount Care Home, we take care of the laundry on behalf of our residents. Our care home is equipped with an array of washing machines and tumble dryers, enabling us to fulfil the laundry requirements of each resident. To remain compliant with guidelines relating to infection control, we manage all laundry needs on-site using an in-house system called ‘OTEX’. 

OTEX is a powerful system that kills all microorganisms, including: 

  • Mould 
  • Bacteria (including C. difficile and MRSA) 
  • Yeasts 
  • Viruses 

This ensures that residents of our care home are kept safe and protected. Each resident’s clothes will be tagged with identifiable buttons, ensuring that the correct clothing is returned to the individual. Most garments are returned that very same day, having been laundered, and this is covered under our weekly care fees. Please note that you must arrange and pay for these yourself if you require dry cleaning services as we do not do this internally. 


As we get older, more issues tend to arise in the feet and lower limbs. These issues require specialist treatment to allay any discomfort and ensure no complications arise. To that end, here at our care home Creekmore, we recommend when outlining a resident’s care plan that this is considered. We have two specialist chiropodists who visit Eagles Mount Care Home every six weeks. They can examine your relative’s feet and lower limbs and address any issues they might find. 

Please note that this service is not included in our fees, so if you would your loved one to receive regular treatment from our chiropodists, get in touch with the care home. Such services are what make us one of the best care homes around. 


Another area that often deteriorates in our later years is our eyesight, but with routine visits to the opticians, we can retain the use of our eyes for as long as possible. Here at Eagles Mount Care Home, we recognise that it’s hardly ideal bringing each resident to the opticians, so the optician comes to us instead. An optician visits our care home with many years of experience looking after the eyesight of those in care homes. 

They bring with them the latest mobile optical equipment and will provide each resident with a full eye test in the comfort of their own room. They can then arrange for new glasses, frames, or lenses to be made if necessary and delivered to the care home


Food is one of life’s many simple pleasures, and no expense has been spared in providing a great culinary experience at Eagles Mount Care Home. Good food is an important part of a person’s health, and well-being, which is why we ensure residents at our care home are provided with good wholesome and nutritious meals. Our chef carefully plans each menu with a rotating range of meal options that change weekly.  

All food is cooked fresh using locally sourced ingredients. Our care home chef is knowledgeable of special dietary considerations and allergies and will ensure that each resident is catered for. If our care home residents have a particular request they’d like to see, we’d be happy to put it to our chef. 


Not all care homes can honestly say they offer this service which really does help to distinguish Eagles Mount Care Home. Everyone deserves to look their best and to be pampered and left feeling like a million dollars. The residents at our care home are no exception, so we’ve made available a beautician who visits us regularly. Residents can enjoy the full beautifying experience, even in the comfort of their own room. 

If you would like to hear more about what our beautician can do for your loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

Chaplin and Church Service  

While we recognise that some of our residents may not be religious, many are, and so we’ve made sure to cater for these individuals. Each week, residents are given the option to attend a church service. During each service, residents are encouraged to sing along to well-known hymns.  

If a resident would prefer to speak to the chaplain in private, we can arrange for the chaplain to pop by their room for a visit. Our chaplain is someone else residents can turn to if they’re feeling low or in need of a chat besides our care home staff. The chaplain who visits our care home Creekmore caters to all denominations to encourage a wider community spirit throughout the care home.

Well-being Services  

At Eagles Mount Care Home, our residents’ mental and emotional well-being is just as important to us as their physical well-being. To that end, we offer our well-being services which are a selection of exciting activities that each resident can partake in. Like many care homes, we recognise that activities help keep individuals mentally stimulated, essential for their state of mind. 

Just some of the many activities we arrange for our residents include: 

  • Cheese and Wine Afternoons 
  • Singalongs 
  • Skittles 
  • Inflatable Darts 
  • Puppet Shows 
  • Musicals 
  • Cream Tea and Coffee Mornings 
  • Bingo and More! 

Activities are on a rotating schedule, so there’s something for every resident to enjoy. 

Cream Tea and Coffee Mornings  

Our residents love a good cup of tea, and what better way to enjoy this delightful beverage than with the quintessential British experience. Our cream teas are a favourite among our residents who enjoy the freshly baked scones and rich, delightful cream that we source just for the occasion. 

We also have coffee mornings where our residents can sit with a delightfully aromatic caffeinated beverage while enjoying a chat with one of our staff members. 

Cheese and Wine Afternoons  

Cheese and wine afternoons is an activity you won’t find many other Creekmoor care homes offering. We all enjoy the finer things in life, as do many of our residents. What better way to spend a couple of hours than with a glass of merlot and a selection of delicious cheeses? Add some crackers into the mix, and you’ve got all the fixings for a rather sophisticated cold lunch.


Bingo is easily one of the most popular activities with our residents because it’s a great excuse for everyone to come together, is a lot of fun, and helps build friendships. Each week, we’ll get everything set up, and each resident is more than welcome to partake. There are even prizes to be won for the lucky residents that manage to score a bingo! 

Days Out  

You might be concerned that all our activities seem limited to indoor pursuits, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As with many other care homes, we regularly arrange trips out, including day outings to visit the beach, local garden centres, and pleasant little locales perfect for a relaxing stroll. Typical trips include: 

  • Shopping and Lunch 
  • An Enticing Afternoon Tea 
  • Visits to the New Forest 
  • Trips to a Local Memory Café 

Day trips are arranged on a rotating schedule, so every resident will get an opportunity to leave the home. Plus, we actively encourage family members to visit regularly and take their loved ones out, whether for a light stroll or an entire day. All we ask is that you let us know when you plan to do so. 

Why Choose Our Care Home Creekmore Residents?  

When it comes to providing the best standard of care, y0u’ll find this and so much here at Eagles Mount Care Home. We’re a family-owned care home situated in the heart of Poole, just a few doors away from Poole General Hospital. We’ve been operating since 1992, and the home is the result of decades of experience in the NHS and 20 years’ experience owning and operating several traditional converted nursing homes. 

Today, Eagles Mount Care Home is a proud member of the LuxuryCare Group, which represents the finest in residential and dementia care available locally. To demonstrate the level of care we provide, we would like to point to the ‘Outstanding’ rating we’ve received from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Such ratings are not easy to come by and illustrate just why we’re one of the most highly rated care homes in the area. 

The home itself comprises six units that can each run independently of each other. These units cater for different needs, including our specialist dementia care levels. All feature rooms that offer breathtaking panoramic views of Poole Harbour all the way to the nature reserve on Brownsea Island. There are several balconies on each floor, a sensory garden, and a second garden complete with a pond and seating. 

As for the team working at Eagles Mount Care Home, we employ more than one hundred employees covering a multitude of areas. Each new care provider goes through extensive in-house training, regardless of prior experience. They are partnered with a senior member of staff for a time, giving them ample opportunity to learn about our residents and processes.  

There’s always an experienced and qualified manager on duty, and residents will be watched over by our team of care assistants who provide round-the-clock care. Our staff are trained to meet our residents’ physical and physiological needs, so no matter what, you can be confident your relative is in safe and capable hands. 

Contact Us  

It should now be obvious that we are the number one care home Creekmore offers. We’re the top care home in the local area, providing residents with superb accommodation, top-rate facilities, and full access to a highly trained and dedicated team of care professionals. We’re beyond confident that your residents will be happy here at our care home, so why not get in touch to make further enquiries? 

To get in touch, simply call Eagles Mount Care Home today on 01202 078 698. One of our trained staff will answer any questions you might have. You can also arrange to come and view our care home if you’d like. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our care home by emailing or filling in our online contact form. These channels are monitored regularly, so you can expect to receive a quick response.