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Are you searching for a proven care home in Creekmoor? Have you been searching for a care facility that will be suitable for your loved one? Then you need to reach out to us at Eagles Mount today! As part of the Luxury Care group, we’re delighted to be considered the best care home in Creekmoor. Our care team go the extra mile whenever possible to make our facility a comfortable place for residents. Be sure to reach out if you’re interested in our excellent establishment. 

You can learn more about our care home today by contacting us over the phone or online. You can call us on 01202 078 698 and speak to a member of our care team directly. Alternatively, email your queries to, and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Luxury Care Home in Creekmoor 

Here at Eagles Mount, we’re proud to be the first-choice care home in Creekmoor. We have built up an excellent reputation over the years, thanks to the quality of our facility and the approach taken by our team. Each member of staff has been fully trained with regards to delivering quality care and are confident in being able to look after residents sufficiently. It is our aim to make our care home comfortable for all resident and ensure that they are well looked after. 

In the time that we’ve been operating as a care home in Creekmoor, we’ve only gone from strength to strength. Our team have significantly improved their care approach to the point that they are now confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all those in our care. What’s more, we have bettered our facilities over time to make sure that residents have access to everything they need. Read on to learn more about our care home and find out why we’re such a popular care facility in Creekmoor. 

The Number One Care Home in Creekmoor

Dementia Care Homes in Poole, CARE HOME IN CREEKMOOR

We at Eagles Mount have built up an excellent reputation over the years thanks to the consistently excellent care we deliver to clients. Our staff have all been fully trained with regards to caring for residents with special requirements, so they’re confident in being able to help all those living with us. As a result of our work, we’ve become the first-choice care home in Creekmoor for many local residents. 

We operate as part of the Luxury Care group, which is dedicated to providing care of the highest standard to all those in need. Eagles Mount is just one of the many excellent care homes under the operation of Luxury Care, with all establishments meeting the high standards set out by the group. It is the aim of Luxury Care to only improve their chain of care homes further for the betterment of those that require them. 

Luxury Accommodation

We at Eagles Mount have gone above and beyond to make sure that our care home is a luxurious one for residents. With a site that overlooks Boating Lake and Parkstone Bay, those living with us can enjoy stunning views at any time of the year. Our establishment undergoes regular refurbishment to make sure that all of our facilities are up to date. We feel it is vital to create a comfortable environment for residents so that they can receive a suitable level of care in peace. 

Our care team feel it is their duty to find ways to improve our facility so that residents are always getting an exceptional level of care. It is because of this commitment to improve that our staff have worked tirelessly to implement significant changes into our care home. Everything from the way we operate to the facilities we offer is updated regularly to cater to the needs of our residents in care. This approach is why many consider ours to be the best care home in Creekmoor. 

Comfortable and Spacious Rooms 

One of the most important areas of any care home is the bedroom of the resident. Our staff recognise that many residents will spend a lot of time in their room, so it is vital that it is a clean and relaxing environment. All of our rooms are spacious by design and have plenty of room for residents to decorate. Those moving into our care home can even bring some of their furniture with them, along with various other treasured items. 

Our rooms are en-suite, so residents will be able to take advantage of a personal bathroom. What’s more, our care home has access to superfast wi-fi, so residents can make welcome video calls from their room at any time. Rest assured that our care team has made sure that features such as the bedding as cleaned regularly. We have also made sure that rooms are made up of comfortable furniture so that those in our care can relax without any worry. Our care team are open to specific requests for rooms. 

A Wide Range of Services

At Eagles Mount, we understand that many of the people who come to live with us will suffer from degenerative illnesses that require special care. As well as putting together a facility that is bright, cheery, and comfortable, we have also made sure that we offer a range of services for residents. Our care team will be briefed on your health and will have a clear idea of how to cater to your needs. You can expect our care staff to go above and beyond to make sure that your health needs are met. 

To help our residents get the care they require, we have made sure that we can offer a range of different services to those living with us. Those in our care will be able to take advantage of several excellent services, all of which will be carried out by fully trained professionals. We have continued to expand our care capabilities over time so that we can cater to the needs of as many residents as possible. You can read more about our care home facilities below: 

Our Creekmoor Care Home Facilities

  • Beautician 
  • Church Service 
  • Catering 
  • Dentists 
  • Chiropody 
Dementia Care Home

Why Choose Our Care Home in Creekmoor?

There are many reasons why local residents continue to choose us at Eagles Mount over other care homes in Creekmoor. For a start, our staff are all fully trained with regards to giving care, and as such, are confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all those living with us. Our team have the knowledge and experience required to deliver first-class care to all those who take up residency in our facility. The quality of the care we can provide sets us apart from similar care homes in Creekmoor. 

In the time that we’ve been operating near Creekmoor, we’ve built up an excellent local reputation. The fantastic care offered by our team has resulted in us being recognised by the like of the Care Quality Commission. This esteemed organisation accredits us as being a caring and effective facility that is suitable for patients with degenerative illnesses and sensory impairments. Such an endorsement proves that we’re the number one care home in Creekmoor. 

While reading about our care facilities may be useful, it’s far better to hear what those who have worked with our team have to say. Thanks to the excellent care we’ve offered over the years, we’ve received many positive reviews, most of which can be read on our dedicated testimonials page. The comments here will give you a better idea of what to expect when you reach out to our care home in Creekmoor. If these reviews have convinced you of our quality, contact us using the information below. 

Contact Us 

So, would you like to take advantage of the best care home in Creekmoor? Then you need to reach out to us at Eagles Mount today! We’re always willing to discuss our care options with potential residents at length, so be sure to reach out if you have any specific queries. Our staff will do their best to answer your questions thoroughly and make sure that you’re left with all the required information. No matter your query, you can expect our team to be clear and helpful at all times. 

If you’d like to speak to a member of our care home team directly, you can do so by calling us now on 01202 078 698. Alternatively, email your questions to or fill out our online contact form. Our care team will look over your queries thoroughly and will provide you with all the required answers as soon as possible. Remember, we’re considered to be the best care home in Creekmoor, so get in touch today!