Case Studies

The simplest way of managing dementia residents in any setting is through ‘management by medication’ and consequently sedation. This method allows those clients with dementia to be managed with reduced staff intervention so is generally favoured by professionals where budgets are under considerable strain. At Luxurycare, Aranlaw House in Poole and Seabourne House in Bournemouth, favour ‘behavioural management’ rather than management through medication which is viewed as an enhanced service.

The following examples illustrate how ‘behavioural management’ in preference to ‘management by medication’.

Case examples of how applying the Staged Behavioural Model of Care has benefited three of the residents we care for at Aranlaw House follow. The examples given do not include the persons name and certain details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the individuals. In each case permission has been sought from the resident’s next of kin to use their relative as a case example in our Statement or Purpose. Examples have been chosen to try and illustrate the behaviours present at each stage and the responses we use to try and help the person to feel secure and comfortable.

Dementia Case Study 1

Dementia Case Study 2

Dementia Case Study 3