Delivering Compassionate Dementia Care in Poole

Dementia isn’t just hard for the person living with it, it’s hard for their family and friends, too, which is why Eagles Mount is passionate about ensuring those who live with dementia – and their loved ones – are given everything they need to feel supported through their journey.

Delivering compassionate dementia care in Poole, Eagles Mount offers outstanding facilities, fantastic care staff, skilled nursing staff, and a well-being programme that ensures those with dementia enjoy life in a fantastic setting.

Living with dementia

Just because someone lives with dementia doesn’t mean their life has to drastically change. They should still be able to enjoy food, days out in the local area, and benefit from socialising with other people.

The key to ensuring the people who live with us enjoy their lifestyle here at Eagles Mount is through getting to know them! All of our care staff develop friendships with the people who live here, so we truly get to know their habits, likes and dislikes, and personality traits.

Social interaction is encouraged, and we have a fantastic activities programme that keeps minds busy and engaged. Friendships are made within the home, and the people who live with us get to experience days out in the local areas that trigger memories or provide them with a sense of joy.

Delivering dementia care in Poole

We ensure that every person who comes to live at our residential and dementia care home in Poole benefits from their own unique care plan. With the assistance of family, medical professionals and the individual themselves, we ensure their preferences and needs are met, promoting a greater sense of positive well-being.

Our care home has been designed to facilitate the day to day lives of those living with dementia. As a dementia care home that promotes a sense of independence, we have designed our facilities so memories and associations are triggered, reducing confusion and promoting familiarity.

Often those living with dementia feel more connected to the life they led in the past. Within the communal areas of our Poole care home, we have items that enable the people who live with us to live within those memories, which also helps to create a sense of calm and familiarity.

Developing close relationships with the people who live with us means we can tell when their dementia has progressed. Working closely with their doctor and loved ones, we’ll adapt their care plan when necessary, ensuring they receive the right care for their needs.

Our dementia care home in Poole

At Eagles Mount, we provide residential dementia care. Our residential dementia care includes day to day support, the facilitation of independence, and the encouragement of social interaction. Thanks to our intensive in-house training programme and adoption of the Dr Gemma Jones Behavioural Staging Model, all of our care staff are qualified to deliver the highest levels of residential dementia care – this is part of the reason why our care rating with the CQC is ‘good’.

Nursing dementia care

While not a specialist dementia nursing home, we never want to remove someone from their home if and when their needs change. Our nursing staff are on hand to look after all the nursing care and palliative care of the people who live with us once their condition progresses. Our medical staff, therapists and chaplains are also hand to provide medical, physical, and psychological care whenever it is needed.

Providing the very best dementia care in Poole

Eagles Mount is dedicated to providing the very best care. The care that we deliver was rated ‘good’ in our latest CQC inspection, and we are committed to providing an exemplary dementia care home, where the people who live with us receive the highest quality care all within a luxury setting.

If you would like to talk to us about dementia care for your loved one, our team are ready to listen. The friendly staff at Eagles Mount are here to offer advice and further information on our dementia care home based in beautiful Poole. Give us a call on 01202 078698 today.

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Families are welcome to visit any time, as long as it is in the best interest of the resident.