Dementia Care Poole 

Is your loved one suffering to adapt to daily life due to their struggle with dementia? Are you looking for entrusted dementia caretakers to lend a helping hand? Such an endeavour needs careful research to make sure you make the right choice for the one you love. Dementia is not easy, and you want only the best care and understanding for your loved one. 

Here at LuxuryCare, we proudly offer dementia care in a luxury setting for our Poole residents. We provide our Poole residents with the kindest dementia care and an enjoyable environment. Our beautiful facilities and caring team make our care home one of the best around. 

As one of the leading registered care homes in Poole, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice for your loved one. They will enjoy their stay at our luxurious facilities with our loving staff. 

For more information and enquiries about our dementia care, call Eagles Mount Care Home today on 01202 671 111. You can also fill out our online form or send an email to We look forward to helping you.  

Dignified and Enjoyable Life at Poole Dementia Home

Dementia is an illness that affects many of our loved ones as they grow old. Dementia is used to describe an impaired ability of the individual to remember, think, or make decisions that get in the way of doing everyday activities. Some dementia symptoms include but are not limited to confusion and memory loss. Moreover, these symptoms might be due to one of several illnesses. The most common form of Dementia is Alzheimer’s.  


We are one of Poole’s best dementia care homes able to cater to residents with varying stages of dementia here at Eagles Mount Care Home. You can rest assured that our aim is to always provide our residents with a safe, secure and enjoyable environment.  


We take pride in our dementia care home being one of the best around here in Poole. Dementia care homes like ours assure you your loved ones are safe and cared for every day, seven days of the week. Our residents’ comfort, physical and mental health come as a priority at Eagles Mount Care Home.  


Our hard work and extensive dementia care are only confirmed through us receiving the Gold Standards Framework. This national programme accreditation further establishes our commitment to the ethos “we live until we die”. To achieve this significant accreditation, our professional team always look for ways to anticipate our resident’s dynamic needs with dementia. As a result, our constant endeavour to improve has made us one of the leading dementia care homes here in Poole. 


We believe that dementia care homes need to be of a high standard for anyone searching, and our home in Poole is beyond expectation. Our residents at Eagles Mount Care Home expect a clean, comfortable and enjoyable setting. Our caring team works hard to tailor a dementia care plan for your loved one’s capacities and needs. Then, depending on the dementia state, we will provide the appropriate degree of care in a way that keeps your loved one’s independence.  

Dementia Care Home in Poole to Count On

Here at Eagles Mount Care Home, we take pride in the fact that we have a specially adapted, fully registered unit set up to offer care to loved ones with dementia or other mental health disorders. Our residents get first-class dementia care that blossoms from our team working closely with GPs and a Community Mental Health Team (CMHT). We will fully assist our dementia care home residents in Poole with a wide range of supporting steps from carer and family support to psychiatric reviews of their mental health.  


Our dementia care unit in Poole is staffed by Registered Mental Nurses (RMNS) and Health Care Assistants (HCAs). They all have exceptional knowledge and experience with dementia and other memory-impairing diseases. At Eagles Mount Care Home, we recognise that each resident is often a unique case when it comes to dementia, so our team focuses on the symptoms and characteristics that each resident may display to build a care plan moving forward.  


You can rest assured that our team receives the necessary training to deal with the different areas of dealing with memory impairment, like dementia, from handling aggression to vulnerability. In addition, the dementia training allows our residents to feel comfortable and at home. 

Our Adaptable Care Plans

Dementia is not a case of one case fits all, as it is a term that covers a wide range of memory-impairing conditions. Abnormal brain changes cause any mental health disorders that fall under the dementia umbrella term. These changes cause a decline in thinking skills and cognitive abilities that could be severe enough to impair their daily life. Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia.  


At Eagles Mount Care Home, our specialists understand that each resident has different needs and abilities according to the different degrees of dementia. Dementia affects people in unique ways, and no two people have the same experience.  


Dementia may be scary for many, as they struggle with everyday tasks and suffer from irreversible memory loss, which leaves them scared and confused. Our team creates bespoke dementia care plans perfectly tailored to our residents so they receive the proper treatment at the right time for both their physical and mental health.  


Here at Eagles Mount Care Home in Poole, we accommodate our residents with perfect dementia care plans tailored especially for them. We verify that our care plans are adjusted based on the stage of dementia because of its fast progressive nature. We also follow up continuously to ensure our residents feel comfortable throughout the process.  


Before welcoming new residents to our family here in Poole, we assess specific prospects to devise the dementia care plans such as: 

  • Abilities 
  • Habits 
  • Medical Procedures 
  • Daily Routines 
  • Mental Health 
  • And More 


To construct our extensive dementia care plans, we go through pre-assessments, medical records, and other relevant information with all involved parties. We also take all essential precautions since our residents’ health, dignity, and sense of independence are crucial.  


Our extensive study of our resident’s past and present allows us to build a strong base for the physical and mental health needs in our dementia care home for the future. In addition, of course, our team will communicate this detailed dementia care plan to all members of the staff so that they can affect our residents’ life positively.  


The focal point of our dementia care plan is connecting with every resident here. We strongly believe dementia care homes should have the same nurturing environment our residents had back home. Therefore, our dementia care home will take care of our residents’ physical and mental health closely. 

Our Rooms

Our luxury nursing and dementia care home in Poole focuses on making everybody feel at home. However, we understand that leading a life with dementia can instil fear and confusion for our residents, making them anxious. For this reason, we provide support to our residents through our investments in our rooms to boost their mental health.  


We fit our rooms with comfortable beds and gorgeous furniture. Moreover, we tailor the setup to each resident’s needs, ranging from mobility aids to hoists.  


We also know that familiarity is an element that helps our residents feel at ease during times of anxiety. For this reason, we invite our residents to choose a wall colour for their allocated room. This choice will make their transition better and dealing with dementia a bit easier as they have customised their own space. 


Moreover, our residents get to customise their room by bringing photographs and furniture from their previous residence. For instance, a lot of our residents bring their favourite dressing tables, mirrors, and armchairs. These small changes go a long way for our residents towards helping them to adapt to dementia and normalise their settings. It will also enable better mental health. 


We put a lot of thought into our rooms to boost our residents mental state, so we use brightly coloured bedroom doors for a happier more positive setting. We also place memory boxes with meaningful pictures right outside the room next to the entrance doors. These methods trigger associations and aid our residents’ memory to deal with confusion and memory loss. With simple techniques like this, our residents can recognise their rooms with no guidance and maintain their sense of independence.  

Residential Care Homes in Poole

Our Facilities

When choosing residence in one of Poole’s best nursing and dementia care homes, our residents will get their rooms as mentioned before. Our rooms are kept clean and neatly presented, and we give freedom of personalisation with their items. 


Aside from our rooms, our residents have full access to our facilities, including: 

  • Coffee Shop  
  • Laundry Service 
  • Chiropodists 
  • Opticians  
  • Doctors and Dentists 
  • Chaplin and Church Service  
  • Beautician  


If you would like to enquire about any of our services and facilities in our nursing and dementia care home here in Poole, do not hesitate to contact us by calling Eagles Mount Care Home on 01202 671 111. 



Our residents get the chance to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals using the freshest of ingredients grown locally and prepared by our experienced chef. We also cater to all dietary requirements to ensure our residents’ nutritional needs are met to keep their physical and mental health in check to help them with their journey with dementia. 


We are committed to offering our residents the best quality meals with the highest nutritional care. Our dementia care home unit serves up three square meals a day and snacks can be made available in between. If a resident does not like a meal, they can always request something else. 

Colin’s Nest Coffee Shop 

Colin’s Nest Cafe is placed right next to Eagles Mount Green Community.  


Alongside our residents and families at our dementia care home in Poole, we are also open to the general public, so you can come and enjoy the relaxed environment. We supply a variety of specialist teas, a selection of ground coffee and many cold drinks.  


We offer different options to fit your dietary needs, such as snacks, fresh pastries, as well as gluten-free and vegan cakes from a local company. Nothing is processed artificially. We also have a light lunch menu.  


Come and visit us any day of the week. 


At our dementia home care unit, we have a housekeeping care team dedicated to ensuring that bedding and clothing are taken care of. In addition, our nursing and dementia care home team understands how hard it is for our residents with dementia to keep up with day-to-day activities. For this reason, our team makes sure they get all their clean garments and bedding.  


Our care home uses OTEX, a special laundry detergent, to care for our residents’ garments and beddings. This detergent takes care of all bacteria and parasites, leaving residents protected.  


We also offer a special dry cleaning care service with extra fees. 

Well-Being Services 

At our nursing and dementia care home in Poole, our residents are regularly offered sight check-ups, doctor’s follow-ups, and dentist appointments. We offer these services within our nursing and dementia care home in Poole.  


This reduces the confusion of our residents visiting outside clinics to limit their dementia symptoms. Our care home and nursing services include: 

  • Psychiatrists 
  • Chiropodists 
  • Nurses 
  • Audiologists 
  • Occupational Therapists for Mental Health. 

Chaplin and Church Services 

At our Poole nursing and dementia care home unit, we always aim to boost morale and achieve collaborative care. However, we believe we must take care of the spirit to maintain the body as well. Our dementia care home has a chaplain trained for dementia management and is committed to being all-inclusive of all beliefs. Our uplifting environment helps our residents’ mental health improve. 


We believe that taking care of oneself improves mental health, and our residents are no different. At our dementia care home unit, we have a caring and attentive beautician who is available to visit our residents’ rooms when needed. What is more luxurious than taking care of your beauty? 

Premier Poole Dementia Care Homes

Eagles Mount Care Home is a family-owned and run nursing home established in 1992. We are proud members of the Luxury Care family. Our dementia care home is designed to continuously enhance care standards and our two decades of experience in the NHS show throughout our home. Today, Eagles Mount Care Home is considered one of Poole’s best dementia care homes. 


Our Nightingale Unit caters to individuals with dementia and other memory impairments. Our staff are all empowered through training to provide the best care for our residents 24/7. In addition, our dementia care home is fully accredited by the Care Quality Commission.  

Fun Activities for our Residents

Here at our Poole dementia care home, there is no boredom. People assume care homes are boring, dull, repetitive days spent. However, at Eagles Mount Care Home, there is always something fun going on. In addition to our care package, we also care for our residents’ spirits. Aside from our many facilities, our care package includes daily activities, occasional outings, museum visits, and even birthday celebrations for each and every resident. These fun activities boost our residents’ mental health and help them deal better with day-to-day life.  

Why Choose our Home for Dementia Care?

Here at our nursing and dementia care home in Poole, we have two decades of experience in the industry, running several care homes in the UK, all of which provide the best levels of care and a very flexible environment. 


We invest heavily in our staff’s dementia training, especially our care team. Regardless of prior experience, each staff member must undergo a thorough dementia training programme when they join. This method ensures our team are equipped to take care of our residents and deal with everyday dementia needs when it comes to our residents’ physical and mental health. In addition, this continuous dementia training keeps our staff updated with the latest information and with the highest levels of care. 


We are proud to say we have received many positive reviews from friends and family of our residents about our dementia care home. These reviews praise the dementia-based care we offer through our focus on mental health and our homely setting. You can check out our testimonials on our site. We are highly recommended for dementia care for your loved ones in need.  


Are you ready to reach out to our professional dementia care home? Then, get in touch with us today. 

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You can rest easy knowing our dementia care home here in Poole is the right choice for your loved one’s future. Here at Eagles Mount Care Home, we are proud to provide you with the best dementia care for both the best physical and mental health in a luxurious setting.  


As one of Poole’s leading registered nursing and dementia care homes, we ensure you high-quality care in a comfortable and homely environment. Our professional team is always learning the best techniques to help our residents with their physical and mental health and are working hard to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience.  


We are ready to support your loved ones and help them through their journey with dementia using the best techniques and the gentlest of methods. Our years of experience have allowed us to expand our knowledge on dementia and help more and more families each day.  


To learn more about our services and facilities about our dementia care home here in Poole, please call Eagles Mount Care Home today on 01202 671 111. You can also fill out our online form or send an email to Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.