Full Job Description – Kitchen Assistant

Main aims of the job

  • To assist the cook to provide Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to the residents
  • To assist to keep the kitchen clean and tidy
  • To be aware of the special diets that may be required

Key Responsibilities

  • To help prepare trollies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to ensure that all trollies are collected promptly
  • To help prepare meals under the direction of the cook
  • To assist the head chef with the baking of cakes for afternoon tea if necessary
  • To ensure that the kitchen cleaning rota is adhered to at all times and that the kitchen is hygienically clean and the floor mopped when necessary
  • To load the dishwasher and/or wash-up by hand when required
  • To ensure all washed items are clean and dry before putting them away
  • To assist with the ordering of supplies if requested to do so
  • To assist to put away any supplies delivered to the Home promptly


  • To attend and participate in staff meetings and attend all mandatory training when required
  • To attend supervision and appraisals ensuring that you have prepared for these when required
  • To attend any other training when a need has been identified
  • To assist with domestic duties in the home including cooking cleaning and laundry when the need arises
  • To communicate effectively with other staff, relatives and visitors including professional agencies regarding residents
  • To be fully aware of the fire policy and the awareness of food hygiene regulations
  • To be familiar with all current policies and procedures and understand your duty to comply and implement them when necessary
  • To wear uniform provided with plain black trousers and flat sensible shoes at all times
  • Ensure that you do not use a mobile telephone while on duty
  • To ensure that all information of a confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not divulged to third parties
  • To keep all records of domestic work completed after each shift in the appropriate book
  • Understand your duty to whistleblow if you witness bad practice or harm to a resident within the Home
  • To promote and ensure the good reputation of the Home at all times, both on the premises and outside at events and external training sessions

Health and Safety

  • To ensure that you work in a safe environment in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • To assist in the maintenance of a Safe and Healthy Working environment by understanding and ensuring adherence to the Homes Health and Safety Policy and Procedures including Fire
  • To practice and promote safe working practices within the Home
  • To take responsibility for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your acts or omissions
  • To be fully aware and comply with infection control policies and procedures and appropriate hand hygiene technique
  • To report immediately to the Nurse in charge, any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a resident, colleague, self or another
  • To report to the Management, Maintenance man or Nurse in charge of any faults, damaged furniture, faulty appliances, equipment or any potential hazard
  • The Home has adopted a NO SMOKING policy which applies to all posts within the Home. The grounds of the home are also NO SMOKING.
  • This job description is intended to give the post holder an appreciation of the role envisaged and the range of duties required. However, it is not definitive and may be subject to periodic view.

Qualifications, Training and Experience

  • Basic experience is essential for this role
  • To have a genuine interest for older people
  • To be willing to participate in National Vocational Training Programmes
  • To have good communication skills
  • To have the ability to work effectively within a team environment
  • To have Food and Hygiene training
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