Residential Care at Eagles Mount

Whether you’re looking for a residential care home for yourself, a family member or a close friend, Eagles Mount is a home dedicated to providing the very best support and assistance. Situated on top of a hill overlooking the picturesque Poole harbour, Eagles Mount residential care home is perfectly located for those wishing to live in a seaside setting, while benefiting from all the amenities an urbanised area has to offer.

Read on to find out more about the residential care we offer and why you should choose Eagles Mount as your residential care home. Alternatively, give the friendly team at Eagles Mount a call on 01202 078698 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.



What is residential care?

Also referred to as personal care or assisted living, residential care is a term used to describe the general care and support that is given in a residential care home. When someone thinks of a care home, they are most likely thinking of a residential care home. There are, however, care homes that provide specialist dementia and/or nursing care and these are generally referred to as either dementia care homes or nursing care homes.

Luxury residential care at Eagles Mount

Eagles Mount is a residential care home that offers both residential and dementia care. The people who live with us all have their own ensuite room and access to 24 hour on-site support. As well as on-site support, the people who live with us have access to a whole range of medical facilities, including doctors, dentists, and chiropodists.

Our compassionate care staff can assist the people who live with us with personal care, such as washing, dressing, and taking medication. As part of our residential care, we also provide nutritious, expertly prepared meals in line with individual dietary requirements and preferences.

Assistance available at our residential care home

Assistance at our residential care home is available morning, noon, and night. The kind of residential care we deliver includes assistance with:

  • Wake up and night time routines
  • Washing, dressing and shaving
  • Brushing teeth and denture care
  • Applying makeup and hair styling
  • Moving around the home and its grounds
  • Going to the toilet, changing continence pads, and stomas
  • Entertainment and socialisation
  • Eating and maintaining hydration
  • Repositioning in bed to prevent sores and ease aches and pains

As a luxury residential care home, we ensure every person who comes to live with us has their own unique care plan that is devised with their help and the help of family, friends, and family members. It means that the residential care for that client is completely unique. We want to ensure each person who lives with us benefits from a fantastic quality of life, and retains a dignity and independence.

We promote a residential care community

There is a strong sense of community at Eagles Mount. The people who live here take pride in treating Eagles Mount like they would their home. If they would like to take part in cleaning or laundry, then we welcome them to get involved.

We promote socialising through internal and external activities and days out in Poole and the local area. From cheese and wine afternoons to sing-a-longs, the people who live with us can partake in a whole range of activities if they wish to. We also promote usage of Colin’s Nest Café – where the people who live with us can meet family and friends and mingle with members of the public, ensuring they feel part of a wider community.

For quality, residential care, choose Eagles Mount  

Offering fantastically effective, compassionate, and responsive care, Eagles Mount welcomes those looking for quality care in a luxury home. The people who live with us benefit from dental, orthopedic, medical, and chiropody attention, in addition to access to a whole host of internal activities and days out.  

To talk to us about our residential care, don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01202 078698. 

For more information, give us a call today

Eagles Mount Care Home

Visiting Times

Families are welcome to visit any time, as long as it is in the best interest of the resident.